No belt, no watch, no jewellery on hands wrist or neck, no eyeglasses, nails cut short,

boxing shoes with rubber anti-slipping soles; a towel on the neutral corner post

Must be well groomed





Extreme concern for the safety of the boxer.

Strict enforcement of the contest rules.

Move smoothly and efficiently in the ring.

100% concentration.

Use only basic boxing language. Don’t use other words.

Use basic signals.





Not one language is understood or heard by all boxers:

• Box: Command boxers to box.

• Break: Command boxers to break their clinch.

• Stop: Order to immediately and absolutely stop action.

Time out: Referee stops action and time watch





The use of signals for initiating and finishing rounds, terminating fights, to

timekeepers and doctors; fouls.





Specific instructions must be given to boxers based on basic language and basic

signals, as well as warnings specifically on: a) no head butts; b) no rabbit punches; c) no kidney punches; d) not hitting below the belt, as well as when they finish during

rest periods. STOP FIGHT when the medic advises to.





All boxers must be a league member to take part in a LBM boxing league bout.


Gloves - 14oz gloves to be worn on all bouts with the exception of a title fight which 12oz gloves may be worn. 


Wrapping hands -  Boxers may have their hands wrapped by their own corner of coaching staff, hands will be inspected by an official at any time before the bout. 


Gum shield and groin guard must be worn in every contest.


Weight - fighters can only have a bout with another boxer in the same weight category.

The only exception to this rule would be title holders (at LBM Boxing’s discretion / with prior written approval). 


At the weigh in (no more than 48 hours before a bout is due to take place), fighters must weigh in at the correct weight within the minimum/maximum weight parameters for their weight category.  


If you fall outside this weight category LBM Boxing's written consent must be obtained in order for the bout to go ahead. In this circumstance bouts for LBM Titles will only be fought for league points and no titles will be at stake should weight criteria not be met.


Pre and post medical - All boxers must complete a pre and post medical by LBM appointed medics for there own safety. LBM boxing league will require a copy of this signed paperwork before bouts can proceed.





Knockdown rule - maximum 3 knockdowns then the contest will be over.


Standing 8 count- maximum 3 standing 8 counts before the bout is decided as a TKO in favour of the opponent.


The following acts shall not be permitted during a contest:- 

   - hitting below the belt

   - using the “pivot blow”

   - hitting on the back of the head or neck

   - kidney punching

    - hitting with the open glove, the inside, or the butt or the back of the hand, or 
with the wrist or elbow

   - holding, butting, or careless use of the head, shouldering, wrestling or 

   - not trying

   - persistently ducking below the waistline

  - intentional falling without receiving a blow
  - failing to break when so ordered, or striking or attempting to strike an opponent 

  - deliberately striking on the break

  - deliberately striking an opponent when he is dropping to the floor or when he is down

  - hitting an opponent after the termination of a round

  - any other conduct which a Referee may deem foul 




With the exception of title bouts the referees may act as a judge of the competition. The referees decision is final. The referee may call the fight over in favour of either boxers if there is foul play or a boxer can no longer defend themselves. The referee may ask the medic to examine any boxer at any time and stop the clock. Should the medic deem the boxer cannot continue, then the fight will be ended.


Medic: the medic can decide to throw the towel in at any point if he feels a boxer is at increased risk. 


The second may throw the towel in for his boxer if he feels the boxers safety is at risk.





The following points are obtained per bout and updated within 14 days of all show dates.


4 points - win

2 points - draw

1 point - experience reward (including losses)


In addition to the points outlined, for every league position an opponent sits above their opponent prior to the bout, each boxer would either gain 0.5 of a point for every league position for a win or lose 0.25 per league position for a loss.


On entry to the league previous proven bouts other than LBM League shows- one point will be added per bout regardless of win loss or draw. 


Title Fight Rules / Qualification:  





An LBM league boxer must have competed in a minimum of 3 LBM Boxing League bouts in order to contend in a title bout. A boxer may not challenge someone more than 20 positions above themselves in the league table.





One boxer in the match must be ranked 1st or 2nd in there respective weight division.
The other must be ranked within the top 10 places in the relevant league rankings weight category .





If a title holder is approved by LBM Boxing to challenge for a title - the title holder has a maximum of 7 days to accept or decline the challenge. Should the boxer decline the challenge they must have a valid reason (eg: another bout already scheduled / medical issue with doctors certificate. The fighter will then be required to accept a challenge to defend the title within 90 days. Failure to do so will mean the fighter will automatically vacate the belt. 

A title holder is required to compete in a bout within 90 days of his last title bout - whether challenged or not. 


All LBM Boxing approved title bouts will be subject to a minimum ticket sales requirement. This must be met for a scheduled title fight to take place. 


Promotors rules: 

An approved promotor may ask for a set amount of tickets to be sold in order to put on a show and promote each boxer. The general minimum requirement is 20 tickets per boxer per show but some areas may require 30 ticket sales or more for a title fight to make the night financially viable. 


As an amateur league, the boxers don't get a purse. Some promoters may pay travel expenses guild lines below. Away boxers are all committed to have 3 paying fans to confirm there bout and be put on LBM promotors shows.


Home boxers are classed as a boxer that lives within 20 miles of the venue and/or train within 20 miles of the venue. Home fighters must have 20 paying fans to be on a show. Again promotors might ask for 3 fans ticket money 8-12 weeks before the show to confirm the bout. These 3 would be taken off the total amount you need.


Travel expenses guideline: Miles are calculated starting from either the gym the boxer trains out of or there home address and ends at the venue they travel to based on a standard satnav reading.


0-20 miles - classed as a home boxer

20-50 miles - £50 paid to boxer by promotor for expenses only

50- 100 miles - £100 paid to boxer by promotor for expenses only

100+ miles - £150


The above may be subject to change and may vary on promotor used but are a good guide.




If a boxer decides to box outside of the LBM boxing League whilst in the league they will not obtain any points for the bouts and may be withdrawn from the league to protect other boxers from unconfirmed bouts elsewhere and experience that would affect their opponent. Also the boxer will not be insured outside of the league or on any other show that isn't sanctioned by LBM Boxing.




Brief summary of cover - does not contain all the terms and conditions of our Policy, which can be found in the policy document.
Significant Features and Benefits
Persons covered by this Policy are Individual Members of LBM Boxing, as declared and for
whom the Group Policyholder has paid the appropriate premiums.
Cover applies to Bodily Injury caused by Accidents, and is valid Whilst participating in Official, Prearranged
Training/Practice, Competitions and Contests.
Benefit Maximum
Section 1. Serious Injury
Providing a range of benefits for permanent disability and death, as a result of accidental bodily
injury, including;
A. Accidental Death £10,000
B. Permanent Total Disablement ** £50,000
C. Permanent Partial Disablement £50,000
A wide scale of benefits ranging from loss of Sight, Hearing, Speech, or limbs, to loss of a toe
and with benefits for any unspecified disability based on our medical assessment of the degree
of disability in relation to the scale.
D. Quadriplegia £50,000
E. Paraplegia £50,000
F. Hemiplegia £50,000
**Permanent Total Disablement cover is in respect of own occupation for those in gainful employment. For those not in employment, Permanent Total Disablement will be assessed in relation to the person’s ability to perform at least 2 of the following daily activities without assistance from another person : eating, getting in and out of bed, dressing & undressing, toileting, walking 200 metres on level ground.
Section 2. Recovery
Fixed benefit for a recovery period at home, as recommended by a Doctor, following at least
3 overnight stays in Hospital as an in-patient due to an Accident
Recovery at home after 3 overnight stays in hospital £300
Recovery at home after 7 overnight stays in hospital N/A
Fixed benefit for a period spent in a Coma for longer than 4 days due to an Accident
Benefit amount per day £40
Maximum benefit period 365 days
Waiting period Nil
Section 4. Rehabilitation & Retraining
Fixed benefit for Rehabilitation & Retraining Costs that are necessary following a Loss of Sight,
Loss of Hearing, Loss of Limb, or Permanent Total Disablement claim under this policy
Up to £2,000
Section 5. Urgent Expenses following Death
Fixed benefit for urgent costs in dealing with the administration of your estate following death
due to an Accident
Up to £1,000
Section 6. Temporary Disablement
Temporary inability to perform Your usual occupation
Temporary Total Disablement
Benefit amount £50 per week
Benefit Period 104 weeks
Waiting Period 14 days
Temporary Partial Disablement
Benefit amount Not Covered
Benefit Period N/A
Waiting Period N/A
Significant or Unusual Exclusions or Limitations
This policy does not cover:
• Anybody over the age of 75
• Suicide or deliberate self-harm
• Full time members of the armed forces, or reserve forces whilst called out on active service.
• Engaging in any form of Air Sports or flying other than as a fare paying passenger in an aircraft operated by a licensed airline
or air charter company
• Professional Sports people
• Illness/disease not caused directly by bodily injury
• Repetitive Stress (Strain) Injury or Syndrome or any gradually operating cause
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or any psychological or psychiatric condition
• the first 4 days (waiting period) under the Coma Benefit
• dislocations of the hip/shoulder/kneecap if that joint has been dislocated previously
• Temporary Total Disablement benefit amount is limited to 70% of your normal weekly income
• Temporary Partial Disablement benefit amount is limited to 35% of your normal weekly income
• Claims that were we to pay them, would place us in breach of UN economic or trade sanctions or other laws of the US, UK,
EU or UN





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