To create the UK's largest and most exciting, insured amateur boxing league open to men and women of 18+ at various levels.
Our research led us to create a platform for boxers who want to be recognised for bouts via a regularly updated website, for everyone to see. More serious boxers can work up the rankings and even go on to win titles of significance and possible sponsorships or routes to turn Professional. Our points system is unique within the UK. The scoring system is fair, every boxer is recognised whether they win, lose or draw! The LBM boxing league provides a building block for boxers in every part of the UK.
LBM Boxing's goal is to have registered boxers all over the country with access to LBM League events all year round. Our 2 key aims are to run safe, insured high-level sanctioned events - with various titles up for grabs through our unique ranking system. We will achieve this whilst raising significant funds for our chosen charity Lennox Children's Cancer Fund.

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